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RBConsult is an award-winning digital strategy agency with a deep knowledge of how different marketing channels can work together to produce the best results.

Our approach

We help businesses like yours to reach their objectives using a multi-channel approach that ties your channels together, united in achieving a common goal. As your agency partner, it’s our job to identify the biggest opportunities in order to maximise results.

We help businesses like yours to reach their objectives using a multi-channel approach that ties your channels together, united in achieving a common goal. As your agency partner, it’s our job to identify the biggest opportunities in order to maximise results.

Our digital marketing strategy services

Digital strategy retainers

You’ll have the opportunity to work alongside our team of experts in cross-channel strategy. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your business objectives by delivering insight-led, integrated digital marketing strategies. We specialise in bringing multi-channel marketing, with all teams working together under a common goal to drive the right results for your business.

Strategy projects

You may opt to work on a short-term basis with our team to build the foundations of your digital strategy. Whether you need a full strategy reset, a digital marketing strategy audit, advice on market-sizing opportunities and market entry or performance forecasting, we can provide the support you need.

Insights & research projects

We can build tailored Insight Packs for you focused on key questions your business is trying to answer. Using industry-leading third-party tools combined with rich first-party data, our team will build a reliable picture of your industry and your audience.

In-house consultancy

We can provide in-housing consultancy, embedding specialist digital marketing knowledge and empowering your internal team with the skills and toolsets needed to set them up for success.


We offer bespoke training on digital strategy to bring your teams up to speed. From objective setting to insight-led recommendations, your knowledge gaps will be filled through interactive workshops.

Your strategic partner

Objective setting

Our approach to digital marketing strategy begins with a discovery phase to truly understand your business, what it is you are trying to achieve and what challenges you face. From here, we use our years of experience and specialist knowledge to determine an objective framework that ladders up to your business objectives and will ultimately drive the desired results.


Using a mixture of third-party and first-party data sources, we build a rich picture of your market conditions and competitor landscape, as well as your target audience and their behaviours. This enables us to formulate data-led recommendations, all tied to the objective framework.

Strategic recommendations

These recommendations are framed into measurable hypotheses and built out into a detailed media plan, with each channel working towards KPIs that contribute to your overall business objectives. Setting the strategic direction of your online activity forms the core of our digital marketing strategy services.


With all of our digital marketing strategy services, we provide bespoke measurement and BI reporting services, meaning all investments can be tracked and reported on in real-time. This is the core of the collaborative evaluation period we undertake with each of your channel teams, which positions us perfectly to utilise every learning in the next cycle of planning, evolving our insight-led approach.


Our strategic approach doesn’t end there – as future plans are built from the learnings of past activity, we know it’s essential to be involved at each step of the journey. Following the creation of the finalised media plans and forecasts, our team will ensure your strategy is effectively deployed across each channel and is successfully delivering on all KPIs.

Why outsource your digital marketing strategy?

Working with a digital strategy agency brings a new perspective to your business. Aided by a suite of leading tools, our team approaches strategic challenges with a thoughtful, exploratory mindset. We’re not afraid to be the ‘critical friend,’ highlighting areas that need improvement, but we’re equally focused on ensuring that our recommendations are actionable and in keeping with the capabilities of your business.

Importantly, our breadth of knowledge across organic and paid digital channels means that we can draw on decades of experience with all kinds of strategic challenges. We will always recommend the best approach for a particular goal and ensure that we use the resources of all of your available channels to achieve your goals.

By choosing us to consult on your digital marketing strategy, you can expect:

A wide-ranging, considered review of your digital activities

Integrated multi-channel recommendations based on clear marketing and business goals

The combined expertise of our team to provide strategic guidance to help your business improve wherever it’s present online

A clear, jargon-free set of actions to be implemented by your internal team, by ours, or a combination that suits your processes


The difference between digital strategies and digital tactics is an important distinction in our work.

The best digital marketing strategies take into account both external and internal factors likely to affect a website’s ability to meet its business goals and dictates the most appropriate tactics to make those goals a reality. Creating an effective digital marketing strategy requires thoughtful consideration of how multiple marketing channels can be integrated to support overall progress towards shared business goals.

We work with senior marketers and key stakeholders to help shape an integrated digital strategy that is focused on getting you the results you need. We will establish your goals at the earliest possible opportunity to ensure that the strategy moves your business in the right direction.


Part of working with a leading digital strategy agency is that you benefit from our ability to communicate our plans clearly to all stakeholders, helping you get buy-in from all areas of the business.

In addition, we’ll work with your in-house teams to ensure that work complements their efforts and fits into your processes as seamlessly as possible. By understanding the requirements of your team, we ensure that our work is implemented quickly across all channels. Integration with you is just as important to us as the integration between our own services.

Beyond this, we’ll happily formalise any strategy work into a more tangible plan for your teams. You can then implement the strategic recommendations we make for you in-house, or enlist our help; we work with a wide range of clients to deliver multi-channel digital marketing services including SEO, Paid Media, digital PR, content marketing, analytics, reporting and CRO, and we’d love to help you too.

If you’re interested in our in-housing support, you can read more about that here.


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